Touched by an Angel

Angel. A kind person. Somebody who is beautiful. A spirit that protects and offers guidance.

When the word angel comes to mind, I think of only you. There was always this one person who would tell me everynight "sleep with the angels." To myself I would wish I could, my angel was you. I have trouble being around people whose name is Angel, or nickname is Angel; you always come to mind. It's already hard enough trying to get you out of my head, and then there's always something, someone---Angel.

My house has plenty of angels. My mother seems to have a fetish for them. Every corner, every wall, angel. I can never escape the walls of this house without you coming to mind. So I take a walk, still on my mind I find you.

My angel cares for me, my angel loves me. My angel has beautiful brown eyes. My angel is always there when I get hurt. My angel will put a smile on my face, even if she's the one that put the frown there to begin with. My angel wipes away my tears of sadness. My angel loves me for me.

"Your lips, your eyes, your smile, your kiss, I must admit is a part of me. You please me, complete me, believe me. Like a melody. Your soul, your flow, your youth, your truth is simply proof; that we were meant to be. But the best quality that's hookin' me is that you're loving me for me."


  1. An angel who loves and cares will be such a nice thing...What a sweet post..I really like the way you think..keep posting :)

  2. oh .... I lost in dreams while readin it ... beautifully written :)
    loved it !!!