"So I'll drive so far away, that I never cross your mind. And do whatever it takes in your heart, to leave me behind."

I guess I didn't drive far enough. Boredom struck and 11:11 last night. I think of a list of people I should call, people I wouldn't mind talking to. None of them I call, but on my mind they remain. Just for a quick moment, you cross my mind. Before my eyes blink, your number appears on the phone.

"We still got that connection."

Is this something that will ever go away? Will there ever be a time when I think of you and take a quick glance at the phone and instantly you dial the numbers to my phone? How does that happen? That is like the weirdest thing ever. How many other people do you know that as soon as they think of that one person, they end up calling or texting, or showing up at your door step? That is very weird. There was even a time, it was 3 o'clock in the morning; I had a dream of you and for some strange reason looked at the phone...RING RING was you. I don't understand it.

How can I stop this?

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