"I think could like you, I already do. Feelings can grow but they can go away too."

So the feelings are gone, or at least I want them to be. And it's no secret she feels the same way as well. Hoping that they go away, wishing they never came about in the first place.

"And yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays."

I was warned, but blinded I was. My heart made the decision before my mind could register what was really happening. By then it was already too late, my heart jumped too fast. Straight into disaster.

"It was wrong to stay with you when we want such different things."

I should have known better. I don't know why I stood there, allowing all of this to happen. I'm sure around that time my mind was long gone, through with over thinking the situation.

"I've givin' so much in the past, for a love I never had. I'm through with it, through with it love...I'm finally giving it up."

She said it's possible to be sick of love because you feel like it's not working or not meant for you. That it's only a temporary feeling, and that it's only until I find someone deserving of me I'd really understand that before the love I had just wasn't the love for me, it was there just not compatible with my heart. It sounds about right, but I think it'll be easier to just give up all around.

"It's either laugh or cry, and I prefer to laugh."

The things you hesitate to tell me may hurt, but it hurts even more you holding it back from me. It's bad enough I can't I have you, it makes it worse that you can't talk to me either. You make me cry, but eventually I end up smiling. So don't worry about me, it only hurts even more that you worry so much. It may be hard to understand but you worrying so much and me still not being yours makes it hurt to wonder why you worry so much if I'm not yours.

.....just a thought.

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