Once Upon A Time

"You know the words 'once upon a time' make you listen, there's a reason. . .a little laughter, a happie ever after. . .you are the music in me."

Every time you speak, it's like there was an automatic once upon a time placed before your speech. Ignoring you has never been a possibility of mine, no matter what the story was about; no matter how the story ended. From the moment we lock eyes---once upon a time; and then you begin. Every tale you tell, with more meaning that you can ever imagine to my fragile heart and eager ears. Every single word, sets my heart back in tune, ready to keep up with your melody.

"Look after my heart, I left it with you."

Whenever your gone, you take my heart with you. I no longer have a problem with it being in your hands, just take care of it. If you're gunna hurt me, do it quickly. I don't want to sit around and hope you're going to be different and not hurt me. So don't prolong it if that's your desire. Do it already, my heart is becoming too comfortable with you. If you know that you will end up throwing it across the room numerous times, do it already. Don't hold and keep it safe and warm only to abandon it. I'm leaving my heart with you, so just take care of it.

"Those who search too hard, can never find what they seek."

I was one who would always go out and look for the ones to be in my heart. You were different. You came to me. The ONLY that came to me. You came into my heart, and instantly my heart threw itself at you. I had to chase it and put it on lock down for a while. Until I saw that special something in you that I knew was worth sticking around for.

Music was always something special to me. Ever since I was a child, music was my expression, my outlet. For a while, music has been hidden in my core. The far back of my core. The core---my heart. You have now become my core.

"You are the music in me."

I listen to songs now, that only you come to mind when I hear them. I stay up late nights, attempting to learn and master songs that appeal to you, the songs that make your mind wonder. The songs that play instantly to your heart. My musical charge has been put to work again, because of you. My songs used to be dark, depressing. Now, I can play 'if you're happie and you know it' a million times before I get tired of it. lol And it's because of you. So many people have tried to bring back to life the music within me. All it took was you. All it took was an angel, sent from the powerful one above; to make the rhythm start up again. All it took was your melody, your words.

"You're the harmony to the melody that echoes inside my head. . .a single voice above the noise."

Once upon a time, there was a girl without a heart. Cold and bitter from her past loves. Just as she found her heart, an Angel came along. Her heart ran away again, right into the Angel's hands. This girl tried to take it back, but her heart just kept running into the Angel's hands. After running back and forth, chasing after her heart; she finally gave up. "Look after my heart, I left it with you," she says to herself every time the Angel leaves her sight. And now, the Angel tries to assure her that she'll guard it with her life. It's just a matter of her believing it now; if that is what the Angel really attempts to do.

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  1. Nice post...I can't live without music either..Nice to know you are listening to happier songs now :)