Dear Odalis

"I drowned out all my sense with the sound of its beating."

Yes I did not listen, but it's okay. I feel fine now, I think. I can't cry anymore, and I'm no longer bleeding. It hurts, yes; but it was something I had to do I guess. I don't listen because you're never right. You always tell me to leave, and when I do, I feel even more hurt than I would have been if I just stayed. I didn't want to do that this time. I saw something in her, and although it didn't last, at least I know I tried this time.

"The pain you suffer you have inflicted upon yourself."

Yeah that's true as well, but I'll be okay, with time it'll all just go away. I didn't have to go through any of this, but it would have happened eventually I'm sure. She warned me, along with everyone else. I can't blame anyone but myself, so I won't. I tried this new thing when I didn't give into peer pressure at the wrong time I guess. Love may not be meant for me, but at least I can say that I've tried, and I didn't give up. I didn't allow anyone to pull me away from her. I didn't let you overpower my way of feeling. Love is just love, nothing more nothing less? That's true, I can't make love mean anymore than it does. I can't change it anymore than it has been changed. More scars and bruises are left, but it's alright. Time heals all wounds, no matter how long it takes, I will be better. Don't hurt yourself anymore because of me, you made a promise you wouldn't. Stick to it, or then she'll really leave. And then I'd really be hurt.

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