Dear Odalis

I want her, and only her. I'm not doing anything wrong, I'm loving, that's what I'm supposed to do. I can't stop liking her, because she hasn't stopped liking me. I'm not going to leave, I'm tired of running away. I love her because she's there, she's not going to leave, regardless of what she says, how she feels. I'm safe here in her hands. I know I am. She doesn't really want me to stop liking her, she just thinks she does because she thinks it will make things easier. I'm not going to leave, I'm not. I won't. I don't know if I'll ever go back to normal, she's changed me so much. I'm never leaving her. I'll stay here as long as she wants me here, and I know that will be for as long as I continue beating. I can't leave her, then I would really be hurt. Her smile, the way she loves me, the way she cares for me, she's always there. That's why I love her, along with many many many other reasons. I'm not going away, I just can't. It won't make her life more simple leaving her. I'm not making it more difficult, I'm making it better by being here. I'm not making it worse. She will worry regardless. She'll always hide her feelings. She'll always have troubles. She'll always have something to think about. I'm not being selfish. She is happie. Just not as happie as she wants to be. With me she is happie. Along with confused and lost and many other emotions. But she's mainly happie. She is happie with me there, I know it. I am helping her get on with life, because I am apart of her life. If I leave, she won't be happie at all. She'll be hurt, very hurt. I can't stop. I WON'T STOP!

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