One Touch

All I need, is one touch. All it takes is one touch. One touch, and I remember why I love you. One touch, to remember that I love you.

It can't be bought or sold, and its meaning holds no boundaries.

Your touch, every time, without failure. . .my heart increases pace. Every stroke upon my neck. Every tap on my shoulder. Every hug, every kiss.

One touch is all it takes, and my mind goes off into another world, far out from Pluto. One touch, the cure for all my pain. One touch. How can a person's touch be so powerful? She's not just a person. An angel she is. Gorgeous are her features. Her wings spread way over my head and shelters me from all. One touch is all I need.

"The slightest touch can bring the biggest sensation."

One touch from you, and my whole world is perfect.

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