Fairytales & The Supernatural

Let me tell you a thing or two about fairytales and things of the supernatural. It's nice to have a vision, of being able to fall madly in love with someone regardless of how much the sea king may dismiss the idea of you ever going back to see this person EVER again. It can paint a fun picture knowing that there will ALWAYS be someone there to argue with you because of your differences, but eventually fall in love with them. It can make anyone feel special to have someone, that in their nature they are set out to hurt you. . .but they wont, because they love you. It can make life so much easier to have all of this. But the chances of that actually happening are slim to none. Because when you find your way back to reality, you'll see that the way movies and books tell the stories of love and happie ever afters are soo far from the way it really is. Finding that prince Eric makes the chances of winning the lottery 7 to 10. Actually meeting that angry yet gentle beast and having the chance to stay with him are impossible. The chances of catching the eye of that Edward Cullen and having him be yours forever, are a never. There is no such thing as a happie ever after. There never will be a wish upon a star that comes true. There are no happie endings in life's story, unless your life is clear fiction. There's never going to be an everlasting lovee. A fairytales main purpose is to make you believe that there is something far better than what your living now. To make you live in hope rather than misery. but for how long will you last in hope before it turns into misery?!

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