Dear Heart

Now what? You didn't want to listen to me. I told you to go, but you didn't listen. Now look at you. Crying. Bleeding uncontrollably. Hurt, again! Hard-headed, stupid, and foolish you are. Why didn't you listen? This all could have been avoided. You didn't have to go through this.

"The pain that you suffer you have inflicted upon yourself."

You should realize that. And you better not blame her for this either. She told you ahead of time not to do this. She didn't come right out and tell you. But she did send her subliminal messages. You ignored them. "I don't want your feelings to get any stronger for me." aka....don't let yourself continue what you're doing. aka....step the fuck back. aka....STOP NOW! But you didn't listen. Why didn't you listen? For once, can you just listen to what I tell you so I won't have to think of new ways to hurt myself to heal your pain? For once, can you just listen when I say 'this won't end up the way you think it will'? For once, just once; listen to me. If you listened I wouldn't be dxmn near killing myself now to end your pain. You're ridiculous. It's impossible for you to be happie with someone else. Get it through your chambers. . .you're not meant for love.

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