Random Monday :: High School Years

High school years should not be full of tears.

From your freshmen days, all the way to your senior days is supposed to be the happiest days of your life. Hyperbole? Maybe just a little.

There will never be a day you walk down the halls of any high school and there's a smilee on every persons face. There will be at least one girl with mascara running down her cheeks, or puffy red eyes. There will be at least one guy that looks sooooo tense and uptight that any little thing will make him explode.

Why is it that when you're happie, it seems like the rest of the world is in like a SUPERRRR depression; but when you're down and superrrr depressed, it seems as though everyone around you couldn't be happier? Or is that just me?!

It's becoming more and more often I see tears running down the faces I care for most. And the main reason being because of little things. "High school" things. My boyfriend won't talk to me, he's keeping something from me, he's hiding his emotions from me. My girlfriend broke up with me...again! This time they were serious, it's really over. But then by the end of the night, the girlfriend is right back with them, and the boyfriend is right there talking to them again. (*it is possible, but not many people find there lifetime mate in high school. So chill out!!)

High school years should not be full of tears.

You shouldn't get so upset over the little things that go on within the halls. There should be smiles on your face for days. There should be laughter flowing from all directions. But there isn't.

Take too many pictures, laugh wayyy too much, and remember that every second you spend upset, sad, or depressed is a second of happiness you will NEVER get back.

High school years should not be full of tears.......remember that people !! :D

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