MIssing Monday. . .?!

Someone has brought to my attention that I missed a Monday on my blog. She claims that I am supposed to blog EVERY SINGLE MONDAY. She said that I don't have a choice. Really? That's not even fair.

Sooooooo I'm going to write yesterday's blog today. . .

Teenage Years ::

These are supposed to be the most fun years, why do they not feel that way as a teenager? Teenagers are supposed to be enjoying the young years. . .how in the world are we supposed to do that if your parents are jumping down your throat every ten seconds for every little thing? How can we enjoy life as a teenager if we are so prohibited from everything. There are fun things we can do, lots of fun things; but in all reality not many of us will be able to experience those fun things due to the overprotectiveness (just made up a new word :D) of our parents and guardians. They are either too strict or overprotective. Is there even a difference? I don't know but yeah. . .lol I think they should just go away for a while. You know how teachers have teachers conventions. . .there should be some sort of parent convention, where ALL parents go to and leave their children parent free. That could cause some kind of chaos but hey. . .let a kid be a kid, let a teenager have their fun. After all, it's our world when you're dead !! lol :D

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