I think I can honestly say that I am happie again. No, there isn't a new love in my life. No, there isn't a new crush. No, there wasn't a complete makeover.

I dropped her. I left her completely alone, and I found my happiness again. Leaving her has opened the door for a group of wonderful girls to enter my life.

They know how to make me feel better when I'm having an off day. They can read me very clearly, they see right through my eyes into my heart. They together have helped restore the pieces of my terribly shattered heart. And they help me keep it in good shape.

I realized that I'm much happier with them then I ever was with her. She brought me down. She made me feel weak. Her misery rubbed off on me. Being around her tore me apart. With her was this feeling of loneliness. Her depression was so deep that it was able to grab me and pull me down with her. Surrounding her was this dark hole that would suck the life out of me. It drained my heart of any emotion. Ripped my mind of any positive thought. I had to drop her. I couldn't be around her any longer. With her, I was a wreck. Leaving her wasn't easy. I don't know how I did it. They helped me though.

They changed me. They made me smile. They helped me find happiness again. They sealed the wound she slashed open. They filled it with love and care. They filled me with life again. I have no idea how they did it. They made me feel good, they made me feel happie. There's no depression with them. There's no black hole of misery following and surrounding them when they walk. It's just them. It's impossible for one of them to be that way when there's soooooo many good spirits around them always there to make them feel better. They're always there for each other. There's always someone to talk to with them. They never hold anything against each other. They don;t hold grudges between them. They know the true meaning of a friend; and they set a god example of it.

They decided to share that with me.

Everyday they make me smile. I can see them and a smile comes to my face. A real smile. Not the smile I put on for most of the world to see. The smile that comes on my face when they're around holds such life in it. Holds such happiness behind it. If a smile doesn't appear in their presence they know the magic spell to make it come out of nowhere.....just POOF!

They are good people. They make me happie! ILYGUYSZZZ!

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