Still On My Brain

How can you get someone off of your mind? I thought the way to do it was to have someone else occupy your mind. That hasn't worked out very well. Why is it that the more you want something or someone rather off of your mind, is the longer they stay dancing around your brain?

Having you on my brain is worse than having a song stuck in my head. The song I know will go away as soon as another song is played. You I can't tell if it will ever go away. Just because another person comes along, doesn't mean that you will be pushed to the far back of my mind. No, I can't see that happening at all. You are still on my brain and I think that's my broken hearts side effect. You will forever be on my mind.

My mind wants me to go, and my heart wants to stay. I think the two of them made some sort of compromise. My heart can't have you so it convinced my mind to always be thinking of you. Not much of a fair compromise, but it just may be better to deal with it that way. Rather than driving you completely away and forcing myself to forget about you. Now that I think of it, that it would be nearly impossible with the type of person you are, and with the way I see you everyday.

Yeah.....good job heart of mine! Good call! hehe =0]

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