Walking through the park,
My mind travels off onto a tangent.
Irrational thoughts and questions overpower my mind-set.
Giving me negative answers
Giving me unreal conclusions.

She loves me, she loves me not.

The root of my body tells me she does,
But my heart is always shamefully wrong,
Leaving me in endless regret.

Her smile is the prime reason for my smile
Her slight glance intersects my reality,
Transforming it into this imaginary idea of us one day
Becoming one and multiplying.
Her control over me nearing infinity.
My infatuation for her increasing with each blink of my eyes.
“Friend Zone” is where I always end up.
Her heart, my asymptote
My heart, the lonely graph.

The games she plays with my mind,
A never ending cycle.
She concludes my thoughts with extraneous solutions.
When she’s around it’s difficult to function.
My love reflects through my eyes when they light up from her presence.
She fails to realize that.

Her feelings and thoughts,
Opposite from mine.

This deep desire is turning me into sin.
My thoughts twisted into a paradox.

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