Leave me breathless,
don’t leave me untouched.
Leave me speechless,
don’t leave me untouched.
Leave me thoughtless,
don’t leave me untouched.

I have to feel you.
I have to have an unforgettable memory of you.

So when you come, whenever you come;
don’t leave.
And if you do,
don’t leave me untouched.
don’t leave my mind wondering.

Just say you’ll stay and show me how to love you.
Just say you’ll stay and show me how it truly feels to be touched.

I have a need to feel you.
I want to meet the real you,
Inside and out.

I cant help myself,
I want you to not leave me untouched.

I don’t want to be ?

I want to be violated,
From the hands or the tongue of you.

Blow down my neck.
Blow over my waist.
Trail down my back.

I want you to search my body,
For my hidden pleasures.

I want to be mute, dumbfounded and tongue-tied;
From the satisfaction beyond my deepest desires and thoughts.

I want to be thoughtless,
From the all time high your love has given me.

I have yet to experience your love,
And I’m already addicted…

So don’t,
Please don’t leave me untouched;
Or I’ll be in endless regret.

So don’t leave me untouched

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